Mediterranean Beach Games 2019 Part 1

Mediterranean Beach Games 2019 Creative direction and design

Preview of a part of the total design for Mediterranean Beach Games 2019

The process included:

Research and interviews of graphic designers. 

Managing and collaborating daily with a team of 4 designers.

Collaborating with all departments. Press, Sports & Venues, Accommodation, Marketing, Food & Sevices, Volunteers, Accreditation, Transport, Protocol etc.
Corporate identity, Accreditation cards, Games brochures & flyers, printed & digital banners, roll ups, flags, advertising booths, schedules, business folders, website, maps etc. 

Creative direction and design of the Look of the Games.

Creative direction and design of the Look of the City and adjustments. 

Creative direction and design of the basic and souvenir medals and the lanyards.

Creative direction of the pictograms. 

Creative direction of publications. (Accreditation manual, Chefs De Mission Dossier/Manual, Sports technical manuals etc)

Presentations for Committees. 

Colleagues graphic designers worked with: Thodoris Kapogiannopoulos & Jay Imtyas